Where Intuition meets Business Strategy.

For a Better Business + Happier Life.

Not enough business, not enough money?

 That cycle ends here, k.

Are you stressed out about where your next client will come from?

While at the same time wondering where all your money went from your record sales last month?

The bills aren’t going anywhere + your business looks the same as it did last year…

You’re not alone.


Let’s get real for a second:


Are you still affirming that $10k month over and over and over again, except now you actually feel like shit.. because random $2k months are not consistent $10k months, and your subconscious still isn’t on board with the new plan?


Now you’re not even sure your marketing is working anymore.. WTF, right?

Let me guess… You’re fresh in the middle of wanting to re-vamp your website, redo your Avatar + start from scratch, while still affirming: “I’m a highly-sought after (fill in the blank) + THIS is the month I make $10k”

I know you Lady, because I WAS YOU.


so freakin’ lost that you don’t even know what your ‘full potential’ is anymore.

In my 3 Month, 1:1 Coaching Program:


1. Get ridiculously clear on exactly what you REALLY want, in life + business & call that bad boy into your life.

2. Break through the fears holding you back from actually achieving said desires above ^ 

3. Build up your confidence in every area of your business (+life)

4. So you CAN show up as your badass-self, FULLY POTENTIAL-IZED, and radiant AF.

5. You will learn how to let it be easy, remove the money blocks, align with what you really want and allow alllll the good in. And from here, we take aligned action.


Ready to feel CERTAIN that your business is growing and it isn't just a fluke?


Ready to be happy + believe in yourself FULLY and let the money roll in?


Ready to finally let go of all the resistance & allow this to be easy?

YES? Well, what are you waiting for?!! 

Meet: Ashley Chandler, Business Coach

" The impact Monica has had on my life, mindset and my business is incredible. She is the first coach that I truly vibe with and she gets me and understands me. 

Every time I ask questions, she responds instantly. She's always pushing me just enough to get stuff done without feeling like 'I can never make this happen'.

She knows how to run a business on very little time, and the impact she has brought to me .. I just can't even put it into words!


In just over a month of working with Monica, I have been able to double my income. And a week later I matched that months income." 

Meet: Jennifer Miller - An artist focused on paintings + drawings

” Working with Monica has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals with my business and to help push me in a new direction that has opened up so many opportunities.


Her focus on mindset, accountability and aligned action has been amazing and her openness with her own past struggles makes her relatable and inspiring.


I highly recommend Monica to others and I know that she will help you achieve your goals and live a happier life!”





3 Months, 1:1 Coaching Program – tailored specifically to you, of course!

1 x 60 min Initial Intensive Call
8 x 45 min 1:1 Coaching calls (ideally 3 calls per month, plus 1-week implementation)
Unlimited Support via email + a communication platform. (Ex. Basecamp).



Lay it all out on the table so we can build it back up. The first thing is getting clear on where you are and where you want to go. So we can determine the blocks, recognize the resistance and move through to accomplish what you came for.



One Hit Wonders’ are no fun. Let’s build and nurture that rock solid confidence in you; your life, your business, your offers, your pricing..basically everything for permanent success. This is that muscle that we work + work + work, and before long you don’t even recognize who this bad ass is! (YUP, it’s you)


Belief + Energy

The missing piece to every portion of your life. Money, manifesting, clients, sales, happiness, ease, I could go on and on but I think you get it. THIS becomes your life. THIS transforms your life + business.


Aligned Action

It’s 2020, we know cookie-cutter strategy is soooo 2015. HOWEVER, Let’s shake this up. Aligned Action is not an excuse for laziness, & I’ll be the first one to call you out on that.. but this is where we allow business to be easy, fun, efficient + profitable. I’m talking marketing, sales, content, systems & more! 

Investment: $2,500 USD  *Pay in full 


Investment: $1,000 USD x 3 instalments    *Payment plan

*Prices in USD

Meet: Danielle Uhl- Success Coach + Photographer

As an owner of three businesses, one of the best things about working with Monica was she was always open to diving into each of them, never telling me I needed to choose just one thing, which was so important to me and the growth of my businesses.

When I decided to work with Monica, I knew I needed to work on my biggest weakness — Marketing and Sales.

I will never forget our first call when marketing became so much clearer to me in just 2-hours.

I was able to focus in on my marketing, increase my prices, and create a marketing plan for growth while using my strengths to stand out in my industry!

Meet: Jazmine Mendez – Registered Nurse + Health Coach

“I just want to thank Monica for giving me the confidence and the clarity I needed to promote my business.

Within a week of starting her marketing program and following the steps she’s outlined in her workbook I was engaging more on social media, sharing meaningful content and even made a sale after being stuck for a year!

The knowledge she has about connecting to your purpose and speaking to your ideal client is invaluable for any business. I highly recommend working with her!”

For a business you love & And the money you desire.