We all go through the roller coaster. Love. Hate. Fun. Dread. Drained.

And then you start losing the motivation, drive, and ambition.

All of the emotions that make you who you are in the first place.

You realize so much time has passed and you have no idea how you got to this place?

Does that sound familiar?

Have you ever woken up wanting to escape your own life and realize it’s the very business you created in the first place?

Have you dreaded going to work and think to yourself that this is the very feeling that made you start your business to begin with?

Listen, you’re not alone.

Listen up lady, it’s time to face your fears!

Why are you staying stuck? Not committing to pivoting and starting your transition or finally starting your side hustle!

It’s time to FACE YOUR FEARS!

Here’s a list of common feelings you may be going through as you fall out of love or alignment with one business and figure out what the heck to do about it!


You’re so flipping’ pissed that you’re stuck in this business still? Wondering how it went to shit and when you can jump off this bus? Whoa back, sis! Let’s get to the root of that anger. (And remember this is a no-judgment-zone because I’ve been there too!).

Where the F did this go so wrong? When did you start feeling like that and why are you staying trapped? Have you done anything about it? Or do you feel stuck?

What can you start doing today to bring a little bit of happiness in your life?

Before you can move on, either starting over in a new business or by launching a side hustle – you must get to the root of that anger and deal with it.


Are you freakin’ out because you have no idea what this process looks like? Thinking to yourself, ‘how the f do I make this happen and pay my bills?’

Perhaps you’ve been in your business for years and it’s all you know. Kinda like a long-term relationship and you just know it’s time to call it quits but staying together is a lot easier than actually going through with making the hard decision.

What are you so scared about?

Are you confused at how this process works? How to ‘start over?’

Are you scared of being a failure? A quitter?

Maybe you’re afraid of wanting better? After all, is your current company a success? You have all you ever could have wanted, and now you want more? Are you thinking ‘who am I to want something else?’

Listen up lady, this is all normal. Trust me.

Grab your journal and go through the motions, bring up every fear that’s coming up and ask yourself why?

Who are you scared to disappoint? Yourself? Someone else?

Life is too short to stay stuck in fear and always look back regretting not making a decision you are fully capable of.


You know certainly well what you want and you’re determined to make it happen. Start that new biz, grab that domain and launch those social media platforms.. but then the doubt creeps in.

‘Can I do this?’ You say to yourself.

Yes, Yes you absolutely can!

My trick to dealing with doubt (and it hits us all!) is to remember your end game. Your end goal.

WHY are you doing what you’re doing?

WHAT do you want in life?

HOW do you want to feel?

WHERE do you see yourself in life; now, 5 and 10 years in the future?

Don’t doubt something you are 100% capable of doing. Just work through the motions and keep your dreams clear in your mind.

Girl, get out there and listen to your heart. Follow your dreams and create the dream business life you WANT!

Confused or need guidance along the way?

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Join the movement of entrepreneurs not afraid to admit they want something else! We are all on our own journey in this business transition but we have so much in common!