Sticking to my guns and committing to the decision that I didn’t want to be stuck in my first business anymore took me a long time.

2 years to be exact.

I went back and forth a lot and I want to save you the wasted time and heartache that I went through because looking back the signs were written on the wall the whole time.

I was just unsure of what a pivot or transition looked like, and I didn’t want to be a quitter.

Learn from my mistakes, take yourself through this thought process, ask yourself these questions and journal on it a lot!! You will come up with your final decision (trust your instincts) and stick to your guns!


Really though, are you happy? And as a business owner for almost a decade, I know that not every day is unicorns and daisies. However, the ups and downs are easy to swallow; when you love your business.

So, are you happy?

Are you in a slump, if so, how long have you been there?

What makes you happy? (Does any of that have to do with your current business?) Is there anything you can do in your current business to make you happy, smile and want to wake up and get your work done?


This sucks and I feel your pain, honestly.

I was downright miserable for far too long. It didn’t start there, but it went there.

If you’re feeling unhappy and stuck, ask yourself these questions:

  • How long have you been feeling this way?
  • Have you done anything about this? (Made changes to your business to try to fix it?)
  • What is it that you don’t like about your current company?


Wanting something else is totally normal, maybe you’ve grown out of your first company and you have something else that lights you up – but your first company is still amazing and you don’t hate it.. you just want something else too.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you do both?
  • Do you want to do both?
  • What parts of either do light you up?
  • Do the cross paths anywhere, or are they completely separate?

It’s totally fine and do-able to run 2 companies! So don’t waste time debating on how you can run two, where you will find the time or worry about anything you can’t control!

Whether you’re ready to transition to a new business and embrace your pivot, or you want to just add something new on the side, you can definitely do that!

Learn from my mistakes and do at least one baby step each day to get yourself toward your end goal. Remember to always follow the excitement and keep yourself inspired. If you get lost along the way, remember why you started and what you really want in life.

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