Hey! I’m Monica Doyle: 

I’m a Business owner, Business Educator + Coach, Real estate investor and an amazing Mom to my 2 little ones! 

I’m an introvert at heart, with a powerful message, a higher purpose & the drive to see it through.


My goal is to impact 35, 000 entrepreneurs in 2020, to help you turn your experiences + gifts into a profitable business you love, for Freedom, Fun and Financial security.


So together, we can make a bigger footprint in the world, and impact millions more.


I am unique and unstoppable, and I walk my talk. 

Here’s how:


I started my first business, a cleaning business, over 10 years ago from the ground up. We dominated our city, and was rated top 3 in Winnipeg for 3 consecutive years. We grew this company into an amazing corporation that employed over a dozen incredible women and hundreds of amazing clients.


I went on to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and invested it to my rental properties, securing my retirement before my 29th birthday. This has always been my ‘end goal,’ and is something I continue to do.


But, after having my daughter and returning to the company I once loved, I realized it no longer lit me up… and that there had to be something else for me in life, I just didn’t know what.


A few years past by, I lost myself in unhappiness, I began to hate a business I once loved and I didn’t recognize who I became. I was trapped in all the fears, doubts and confusion.


I finally decided to step away from this successful multi 6-figure business, and into the unknown. This was when I began my online coaching business.


For over a year I didn’t make any money, and struggled to deal with my new fears about running another business, self-doubt & lack of confidence.


Until one day, I remembered who the EFF I was.

My mission is inspired out of my success and failures. My happiness and my hard times.


I’m just an ordinary girl from Winnipeg who was never supposed to ‘make it’. Barely passing high school, to a University drop out.. I FOUND success in business and I want you to find it, too.

But more importantly, I want you to feel successful while doing what you love, every step of the way.


So, let’s create + grow a business that you LOVE, one that allows you to impact your people and make a difference in the world.

Being compensated is beautiful by-product of that.

Dream Bigger than ever before. 

My Mission:

To help 35, 000 entrepreneurs in 2020 to start or grow a business by using their gifts & experiences to create a life they love. 

Together, we will make a bigger impact in the world.

And being beautifully compensated is just a by-product of that! 

You can do anything you put your mind to.