The only reason I’m sharing this is because I know there are so many amazing women out there who give up every day (coaches or other types of business owners), because they feel like they aren’t getting the results that everyone else is, or in my case; no results at all.

Girl, I know how defeating that is. Heartbreaking, actually.

I am sharing my story for you. You hardworking, amazing woman, that has so much potential in this online space, such a wonderful talent and a unique gift to share with this world. This very true story is for you, because I don’t want you to give up. If by sharing my most vulnerable story, the truth behind being a coach with no clients for over a year will provide you the tiniest bit of hope, to keep you going and not give up on your dream, then this was worth it.

And for that, I’ll take one for the team.

Who Am I?

I am Monica Doyle.

I have been in business for a decade, I have 2 other businesses before starting my Coaching business. I’ve been responsible for my paycheck since I was 20 yrs old, as well as up to 14 other employees, one of them being my Mom. I started a business from the ground up with no experience, that has since been rated top 3 in our industry for the last 3 years in a row. I’ve been the smart business owner, too. I saved over a $150,000 and invested it and bought real estate. I am a Real Estate Investor.

Business is my life. Business is my passion.

Which is why I figured, shit yeah I can be a coach!

In fact, I already coach friends and family (for free). So, why not, right? I ACTUALLY have business experience, which I soon realized isn’t exactly a qualification to become a business coach in this online space, nothing is.

So I jumped in, this was late 2017. Already after months of planning, organizing and prepping.

Listen to my story or read it below!

You see people online showing up and sharing their results. Claiming they started last month and already made 5k. And here you, are giving IT YOUR ALL for what feels like so much longer, heck maybe even a year!!! —And you haven’t achieved those milestones yet, that you know you are so worthy of.

Girl, hang in there.

You see other entrepreneurs talking with & advertising to people in your niche, and you know you are just as good as them! Yet they are getting the clients and you aren’t. And you’re trying, but you don’t know why it’s not you. You have the experience, you have the talent, you have it all, but you still don’t know why it’s her and not you.

Girl, hang in there.

You’ve invested money because you know it’s the responsible thing to do. Whether you could afford it or not. Whether it was a facebook ad, a website, branding or even a business coach for yourself. You did the responsible thing because you know you want the results, and you were willing to do whatever it takes – Yes even SPEND before you RECEIVE. And still, nothing. Crickets. How can this be?

Girl, hang in there.

You’re showing up, daily. More than daily. You are doing all the things you’re supposed to be. You’re building relationships, you’re communicating, you’re sharing your offer. You have all the social media accounts, the perfectly checkered profiles, the specific hashtags, you’ve even tried to tone it back and focus on 2 platforms. Heck it feels like you are the female version of Gary V. But still, no one is biting.

Girl, hang in there.

You’ve discounted your rates, adjusted your price structure & packages more than you can remember. You’ve created courses, or programs, or memberships. You’ve gone back to the drawing board to compare your offer to others, to see where the gap is. You’ve adjusted, tweaked, and done all. the. things. … And still, nothing..

Girl, hang in there.

You Learn. Oh man, do you learn. You’ve done the courses that promised the results you thought MUST have been the key issue, because that content spoke to you. Pinterest! Email Lists! Branding! You’ve invested time and money to do the courses. You’ve read the books: Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, Think and Grow Rich, The Prosperous Coach, The Science of Getting Rich, The Success Principles, High Performance Habits, and oh my goodness, hundreds more. And still, what the fuck, nothing.

Girl, hang in there.

It must be your money mindset you say, so there you go again. Learning, investing, listening, watching, reading, obsessing, trying. Trying. But that’s not working… You get people on the phone! (FINALLY). Free sessions, free beta’s. This is it, it’s practice and you are forever grateful for these brave souls who took you up on your free offer. And you LOVE every minute of it. It’s your life’s work. You feel alive. And you just know, that at the end of this beta, when you pitch, you will have successfully landed your first sale. You feel it in your bones. In fact, you might even start telling those closest to you that it’s coming. It’s within reach, finally. And then, when it finally happens… it doesn’t.

Girl, hang in there.

Maybe all this trying and WANTING has actually been repelling those desires you really want. So you learn about Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, a Course in Miracles … this has to be the final piece, right? You’re positive, really. You start to meditate. You journal. Underneath it all, you know this is important work. And boy, do you work at it. Day in and day out. You practice the power of being positive. You have vision boards on top of vision boards. You change your passwords to your new (smaller) income goal, or the new (smaller) number of clients you’re willing to settle for, scratch that… ONE, just one. Please, someone out there, give me a god damn sign already, you say. But all you receive is silence.

Girl, hang the fuck in there.

Because I, Monica Doyle, with my decade of business experience, have been there.

I have been in your exact position.

I have brushed myself off and opened up my laptop day after day, not knowing if I will ever see this through.

But what 10 years in business has taught me, is that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. I am one of the lucky ones, who could look herself in the mirror when all she felt was failure.. and STILL MOVE FORWARD.

Baby steps.

Day in and day out.

Baby steps.

I finally started to detach from my money goal, my client per month goal, my 100k in 12 month goal.

I finally started to stop downloading freebies to find out other peoples 5 step systems.

I finally started to unsubscribe to every single other person that told me about their way, their success, their dreams coming true.

And I started to focus on me.

I gave myself permission to suck, to fail, to not live up to my high achieving standards.

I gave myself permission to stop learning, reading, doing courses and looking for my ‘next’ coach that will show me the way.

I gave myself permission to be ME.

I stopped all the noise from getting inside my brain, my inbox, my life.

I stopped reading all the offers, sales pages and betas.

I started to believe in myself, from a place where I knew that no outside program or person could help me. But that if I truly wanted this, I could make it happen.

On my terms. On my own timeline.

I didn’t set deadlines or income goals.

I decided to show up and SHOW. UP.

To speak my truth which is a love for business. Smart business. Profit. Sustainable business. I’m not in it for the short game, the sleazy game that you see some people play, and then they are gone in 12 months.

I’m in it for the long haul. I always have been. Which is why it was time for me to bet on myself. And so that’s what I did. I did me. And that’s when the results started coming in.

That is my success story.

I still can’t share my 5k or 10k income month goals in my coaching business with you, because there aren’t any. But what I can share with you is my story. My real – fuckin’ – honest – to – god – truth of a story.

A story that is not pretty.

It’s not a miracle.

It’s not Forbes worthy.

But it’s my truth.

And I’ve been able to stay persistent. Because I knew that I was building a legacy. Even though for over 12 months that legacy was non-existent. I knew that one day it would come to life. I knew that the foundation that I was building would be stronger than anything else out there.

So I kept going.

Tears. Ugly crying. No’s. Crickets.

I kept going.

And if you’ve stayed with me this long, I want you to keep going, too.

I want you to brush yourself off, get back out there.

I want you to unsubscribe to all the noise.

I want you to take a look at your vision board, and take off anything that has any hint of the outside world clouding your real dreams.

I want you to look at what you want in life, and sit back, dust yourself off, and get back to work.

Because girl, it will happen. On your terms. You have what it takes. I believe in you.