What makes one Mom happy is going to be totally different to another Mom. It might be that you got to spend a good amount of time with your child and ticked most tasks off your to do list (SCORE!) or perhaps it’s closing a deal with a client that is going to allow you to have a great vacation over the next year!

Happiness is subjective and although I can’t tell you how to be happy, I can share some tips with you that I have gathered from experience and other Moms.

How to be happy as a Mom in Business


Listen to your inner voice



As we go through life and become more experienced and in tune with our thoughts, we become more comfortable with who we are. We learn to trust our instincts in everything we do. The inner voice might start off as a quiet whisper at first but the more we listen to it, the louder it gets.

By the time the voice is at full volume, no longer will you be second guessing your choices or worrying what others think. Now I’m not saying ignore anyone else’s suggestions or opinions but if you are doing something and it doesn’t feel right then go with what your instincts tell you. This might be a potential new client that although you would love the extra money, there are too many red flags there or maybe you have an event booked in but you would rather be at the playdate you would have to cancel and you kind of feel the event is not really aligned with your business. Either way, trust you gut. Always.


Feel The Fear

Fear is a pain in the you know what! It rears it’s ugly head at the most inconvenient times, just when we have spent the day telling ourselves “we’ve got this”, BAM there it is!

We sometimes have very valid reasons to be fearful but often when we feel the fear and do it anyway we come out the other side wondering why we felt so ‘fearful’ in the beginning.

Don’t let that self-doubt creep in and tell you that you aren’t good enough, it’s impossible or anything else that then leads you to feeling unsure. I think it’s pretty healthy to have a good dose of fear to spur you on from time to time but never let the fear cripple you from making progress, no matter what it is you are working on.


How to be happy as a Mom in Business


Stay Healthy


I don’t know about you but when I get run down or start to get sick I usually feel the burn out pretty fast. I get frustrated that I can’t efficiently get on with all of my tasks and chasing around after my daughter can zap the little energy I have. These days I make it my mission to stay in peak condition, I take my vitamins, eat healthy food and look after my body.

With the winter coming this tip is especially important as germs start to spread and before you know it everyone has some kind of cold or cough (unless it’s summer where you are right now but staying healthy is always important no matter where you are!).

Make sure, no matter how busy you are, you take the time to look after yourself. Getting sick or being burned out from the stack of responsibilities you carry around is no use to anyone and if you feel that you are starting to get sick, take a break. Not just an hour but maybe a day or so to fully repair (I know this isn’t always easy but reach out and ask for help where you can).


How to be happy as a Mom in Business


Set Those Goals!


I have talked about Goal setting previously and the reason it’s made it in to this post too is because I feel having your goals outlined is so important.

Your goals should be things that you want to achieve and they are always accompanied with a ‘why’ too. My why for working so hard on my businesses is my beautiful family. I want to create a life that I have designed, one that features quality time with special people as well as having businesses that I am so so passionate about I feel excited each day going to work (can you even call it work if It’s fun?!?).

Plan out your short-term goals and then dream BIG. You could map out the next year, two, five or even ten years packed with goals that you are going to go for!