Some moms start a home based business on purpose either before or after they have a child and some fall into it by accident, maybe from having a talent for making something that people see and want to purchase. No matter which category you fall into, you know that this journey is not an easy one but with the right planning, tools and determination you can create the life you always wanted for not just yourself but your family too!

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This post has been created to help moms who are either making the leap from their 9-5 or want to return to work but aren’t really inspired to go back to their old job! These days, working from home is a very real possibility using just a computer and an internet connection!


Starting A Home Based Business




Before embarking on a work at home business you will want to make sure you have done your research.

Be clear on the business you want to create, how it will work and who you are going to sell to. Having a good idea on who you are going to be selling to will help you with everything from branding to marketing to pricing. Also be sure to check out your competitors to see what they are offering and what you can offer to set yourself apart.

Once you have some ideas mapped out, the next steps would be to craft a business plan. This doesn’t have to be a bulging document (unless you are approaching the bank for a loan, in which case you are going to need to be very concise to help you secure funding). Your business plan can really be an outline of everything you have researched as well as a plan of action to get things going and what your future targets are going to look like.

You should also plan our how it will work being at home (especially if your kids are home in the day too). You want to plan a work schedule so that you can balance your time without getting so overwhelmed before you even start. In the beginning you may find you are working a lot of hours to get things off the ground but trust me when I say, things will get easier!




Ideally you want to create an area in the home you can dedicate to work. If you are blessed with having a spare bedroom, maybe consider setting up a desk in there so you can escape family life when you need to focus and get going on tasks. However, if a spare bedroom is not an option, a dining table works just as well and you can teach the kids not to interrupt you while you are in work mode. I know, easier said than done but if it comes down to it, try bribing them with a reward providing they allow you to get some work finished haha shameless I know but we have to do what we have to do, right?

You can read my top tips on keeping your home office space organized by clicking here


Starting A Home Based Business


Get Set Up!


Doing the setting up is often where many of us hit a wave of overwhelm as the to-do list lengthens and challenges arise. The first step would be to purchase a domain as you are most likely going to want a website of some kind to help your customers find you plus register the social media handles for all social media platforms in case someone else decides to snap them up. You don’t always need to have a website ready from day one. I know of many successful business owners who use social media only to promote their services but it really depends on what you are offering. If you can afford to pay someone to build you a basic website or if you have the tech skills just get something live you can use until you can properly invest In a fully functioning site.

Next you want to register your business and if you would prefer to keep your home details safe, purchase a virtual address (you will find these on Google and they are pretty inexpensive). It may help for you to speak to an accountant to seek advice on getting your business tax registered as they may be able to offer guidance on the best way to have everything set up from day one.

When it comes to branding, you can either hire someone to do it for you (definitely a preferred route if you have the budget) but if money is not available then do it yourself until a time when you can afford a professionals input.

If you are going to be selling physical products, you will already have researched suppliers, therefore you want to at this point, start making calls and setting up accounts. If you are offering services, make sure you have everything you need to get you going and regardless of if you are going to be service based or selling something, make sure you have insurance.




Launching is both scary and super exciting. I mean, you are about to put yourself out there into the world and as daunting as it seems, this leap is going to get your idea from a wish to REALITY!

When you launch your product or services, reach out to contacts and let friends, family and ex work colleagues know what you are up to (you could ask they share your social media page or website link to help you in the beginning). Also join some online groups where you know your ideal client will be.

Facebook is a great example of a place where you can start creating brand awareness. Join some groups and start building some real relationships….basically be social on social media (this is something many people do so wrong sometimes). If you are providing value and getting to know people, others will be more inclined to promote what you are doing or may even approach you for help. Remember though, no-one likes pitchy, scammy posts on social media so avoid that approach at all costs!

I hope these tips help you on this Mom In Business journey! If you need a helping hand with productivity and beating overwhelm, be sure to check out my free cheat sheet available here