Top tips on Hiring for Moms in Business


Congratulations!  Your business is doing amazing and you can barely keep up. You’ve been thinking about hiring help for a while, but now you KNOW you need it. So, where do you start?   I’m going to take you through the different options and give you a few tips for hiring employee(s) for your growing business. What you’re going to need to do is really going to depend on the field your in, a budget you have, and a plan for your future growth. But here are some pointers to help you along the way!   Before you invest any time or money into this, understand it’s going to be work in progress. You won’t get it perfect the first time, the trick is to learn as you go and always improve!  If this is your first employee – you are about to learn a lot! If you have a small team working under you already – that’s fantastic and these tips will still serve you as a great reminder!


Lets get started:


1) Job description


What do you need help with? What can you absolutely hand off to someone? Do you have those systems in place? You may think your new hire will catch on easily, or that you’re amazing at explaining and training. Keep in mind though, people learn in so many different ways, so before you have someone sign the contract, you must make sure the prep work is done on your end first. Be clear with what their job description will be, what you expect of them and have systems in place for them to meet your standards. You want to have step by step instructions, outlines, diagrams, tips and pointers. Anything that is inside your brain and can help your new employee do their job – and do it well! Understand that no one will be as good as you! As soon as you can realize this, you can work at finding the perfect person that is right for this position.


2) Employment RULES


So you found the perfect person, the interview went wonderful and their references checked out. Now you need a contract! It doesn’t have to be an expensive contract that your lawyer has drawn up. But by laying out the ground rules, job description, wage, holiday allowance, pay schedule, and exactly what is expected of them, will make this process easier. And of course- they have to sign it! I highly suggest you contact your local employment standards or government office who can provide you with the correct guidelines for proper employment standards in your area. It’s always best to do it the correct way, rather than end up learning the hard way.


3) Hired! Now what?


Training! This will make or break your new employee. You are starting at square one and teaching someone all that you know in the areas of their job description. It’s your job, as the owner, to make sure they are being trained properly. If you are having to go back and correct everything 3 months down the line, that’s a giant waste of time and money. Have a training system in place with a daily, weekly or monthly time line and schedule as to where you think they should be in their new skills and what needs to get done. This will help you monitor their progress and stay on track. Create a system to go by, don’t worry if it’s not concrete! The joy of being the boss is that you can always go back and revise it when needed. Remember, if you see any red flags along the way, you need to do yourself and your business a favour, and get rid of them. My rule of thumb here, is if I start talking about an employee at home (“she’s late again,” or “I don’t know if she has what it takes,” “she has a hard time sticking to the tasks I need done”). Then she is automatically on the chopping block. Before I let anyone go, I make absolutely sure that I’ve done all I could do; proper training, possible re-training, explain to them what I expect, 1:1 meetings, and even ask them for any input.


4) Need help but not sure how much help?


So you definitely need help – but maybe you don’t have an office space for the employee to come to, you may not have enough steady work to hire someone, or maybe you just need sporadic help with tasks you no longer can or want to do? Look into hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). I’m dead serious. This was life changing for me! I had certain tasks that I knew were important for my business to grow. But day after day, month after month and year after year (honestly), I kept putting these things off. Partially because I didn’t know where to start but mostly because I had other areas of my business that demanded my attention. Look into a VA if you need help with certain tasks, don’t need to see an employee daily, and are totally okay with the long distance relationship 🙂

This article by has a break down of everything you need to know before hiring a VA and may be of use to you so you are fully prepared for the hiring process.


Interested in more tips for certain areas of your Hiring system? Let me know! I would love to offer you more great tips! 

Yours truly, Monica xx