Blogging is not only a really fun way to express your passion for your business, side hustle or anything else you love to write about, for moms in business it is also a really great way to drive traffic to your website and increase awareness of your services or products and brand!

For your blog posts to be a success you want to make sure they are packed with value and written in a way to keep your reader engaged and wanting to read more!

Recently I have been really focusing on blogging to help and support the Mentoring Moms in Business community. I find blogs are such a great way to provide and share knowledge and they can be so powerful on days when maybe you need just a little support. For example, before I had my daughter, I turned to the online world to prep me for motherhood, I wanted straight up honest advice from those who had been there and done it and the content I read was inspiring and helped me to know that even with a business, everything was going to be ok!

I wanted to share some great tips I have learnt about blogging which really helped me when I first got started!

Know your audience

Before you start writing a blog post you should find out if this is content your audience actually want to read. The best way to find out is by asking! If you don’t already know what your ideal reader would like to know about, use social media to do your market research.

The best way to use social media for research is by joining Facebook groups that you know your audience are active in or perhaps just asking your followers on Instagram. People are always happy to share and responses can give you excellent ideas for blog posts.

By writing about topics that you know your reader wants to be educated on you will find you soon begin to attract a following of people who resonate with you.

Know Your Brand Voice

I often find if a blog is written in a more formal way I lose interest pretty fast. If you think about the blogs you like to read, they are probably written in a natural way that feels like the writer is talking directly to you.

Your ‘brand voice’ is the tone you write with that helps you connect with your audience. Some blogs are written using a witty tone, others work well with a dose of sarcasm and some speak straight from the heart, full of emotion and feelings. You can’t write content for everyone and so if someone doesn’t like your style, that’s ok. The reader that resonates with you, your business and your writing style are more likely to become your biggest supporters and will look forward to the next post as you write with them in mind.

Easy to read posts

You want to make sure the blog posts you create are effortless to read. By effortless I mean that they are laid out in a way that isn’t too hard to consume. Try using subheadings throughout the post to break up the content, also add images which capture what the post is about and make your blog look visually appealing too. I often find using bullet points are received well by readers as the posts can be read in a short amount of time (let’s face it, we don’t always have time to read a long post, as much as we would like to!).

These tactics will also help with you SEO which is a whole other blog post but if you are a WordPress user try installing the Yoast plugin ( which will help to give you a better understanding of how SEO works (it’s only the basics but hey, we all start somewhere!).


Write a killer introduction

Your introduction is the gateway to the rest of your content. The introduction doesn’t need to be too long, a couple of sentences to set the scene for the rest of the blog post is a perfect amount. You can also use the introduction to draw your reader in.

No-one wants to read a piece of content that the writer sounds like they are bored or only half interested In the quality of the content. Write from the heart and make the words so interesting and jumping off the screen drawing the reader in that they want to consume each and every post you create!



Some great blogs I LOVE to read are:

The Female Entrepreneur Association ( – Carrie Green the Founder of the FEA writes short blog posts that are usually accompanied by a video to talk more in depth on the chosen topic. There are always some really great areas of business discussed on the blog with plenty of tips and tricks!

She Owns It ( – This is an awesome place to read content on so many different areas of entrepreneurship and business. I have also found some great posts about mom life too!

The Huffington Post ( – This is a super popular platform and I don’t think I need to explain much about it as most people have heard of The Huff Post. Just in case you haven’t, this platform has some amazing content and often it is written by Huffington Post contributors who are just normal people like you and I that enjoy writing content for others to consume. The topics on the Huff Post are vast and you can pretty much find a post on anything and everything.